Advertising using You Tube

Advertising on You Tube

You Tube has been in the trend now for 10 years. The viewing has been increasing with every going second. Did you know that every minute over 100 hours of video is being uploaded on You Tube. Advertising on this platform can be very rewarding. In fact it has become a necessity these days. Here is how you can get started for you own business.

  • Creating a Google Ad words account – The first step to get started is to create a Google Ad words account. If you have an account go to the video section.
  • You Tube and Ad word linking – Once you are in the video section use the Link You tune on the menu. It will get you started.
  • Selecting locations – You can choose the location where your advertisement will show up.
  • Choosing keywords – Yes you can include keywords also as it is a feature on Google Ad words.

This is how you can use Google Ad words for You Tube advertising. Google has in fact overtaken You Tube so Ad Words option is the best. Some other options like free upload is also available but after it has become Google domain it is not easy to do this. But you can give it a try.