Christmas ads

So, it’s that time of year again, the Christmas Ad – for at least the last month we have been bombarded with everything from luxury champagne to toilet rolls that are guaranteed to make our Christmas the ‘best one ever’. Compared to other countries New Zealand actually does it relatively simple. The UK and America probably have the most extensive advertising campaigns – look at this Mashable Global Ads Chart for the last month worldwide, of the 20 most shared videos 10 are Christmas related. Two of the big UK chain stores feature, John Lewis and Sainsburys – having created a complete story around their Christmas Ad. This year John Lewis continued their cute and cuddly theme with a lovable penguin, while Sainsburys went a little obscure with a World War 1 tribute to sharing.


The John Lewis christmas penguin is a drawcard

The big question is are these ads successful, well with brand loyalty being a huge drawcard, having the ad we remember and talk about is considered the pinnacle – in the UK christmas ads have taken over from the traditional shop window displays as a way to lure customers in and have them talking. There is an interesting article from a leading New Zealand advertising employee, himself an ex-Brit, discussing what he sees as the effects of the Christmas showcase – show an insight into the ad world.