Why Advertising is Important for business?

We watch a commercial every 5 minutes. Whether we are watching TV or working on the internet or in a mall, you just cannot escape advertisements. Everybody knowingly or unknowingly responds to these advertisements. We will try to answer the question why it is so important from every persons aspect.



Advertising importance

Advertising importance

Advertising is essential for business, and here are a few reasons of its importance.

  • Launching – Advertising plays a crucial in launching a new product or a new company. It can increase sale and also awareness which ultimately lead to sales. Big brands like McDonald’s and Coke owe a lot of their sales to advertising. ┬áIt helps to gain new customers and markets. It is also true for an event. A well advertised event’s success is almost guaranteed.
  • Revenue source – Advertising is the major source of income for print and electronic media. It helps to pay for the information revolution we cannot do without. Every great article’s publication has the revenue of advertising in the magazine/newspaper.
  • Increases sales/profit – Advertising plays an important role in increasing sales and profit of business. Without advertising help sales will become stagnant after a period. Hence aggressive advertising is a necessity to keep the sales going.
  • Education – Advertising is also used to educate the society about many issue.
  • Awareness – Advertising starts with awareness about the product/service or event. It is essential for the ultimate success.
  • Important element of marketing – Advertising is a cog in the marketing wheel and an important part of marketing mix. Marketing cannot run without the support of advertising.