Advertising at ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

The ICC cricket World Cup is supposed to be the most televised event on the Globe. It is coming to New Zealand after a gap of 22 years. It is the place for advertisers around the world. New customized commercials for the event have always been the norm.

Advertising on Team Jersey

ANZ advertisement on New Zealand Team Jersey ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

One cannot escape the glaring presence of different company logos on team jersey. Every possible inch of the stadiums will be covered in advertisements.

How much does the ICC garner from the commercials? It is very hard to tell. A 30 second commercial on TV channels costs $ 50000. That’s astronomical isn’t it? But the companies pay up because of the proposed returns in sales.

There are commercial partners too. They include the official broadcaster and associate sponsors. ESPN STAR Sports is the official broadcaster this time round. Reliance is the communication partner, and Pepsi the food and beverages partner. There are other multinational corporations that are showcased.

It is one of the most successful economic events, for the host nation as well. Increasing sales and influx of tourists help the economy in a big way. For the advertiser it is a haven.

The local advertisers also benefit . They have spaces which fetch them a fortune in these times. With the advent of the giant screen in Cricket, it has become another place to advertise.This is a good package for the companies who have successfully taken up the spaces.

Being a patriot I want the Black Caps to triumph. But whoever wins or loses the biggest winners will be the advertisers at this mega event!!