Digital Advertising’s Advantage is that it is Fully Measurable

Even in our digital world, there are still businesses who are reluctant to advertise their products and services online. The truth is that the world is increasingly online to inform. Making the effort to understand the dynamics of online marketing is imperative for remaining competitive. Most consumers start looking for information by using a search engine like Google. I’ve seen that banner and display ads are the most common forms of advertising online. but social media and networking sites are also good options depending on your type of business and target audience.


The good thing about advertising online is that it is low risk. Activities and responses online can be monitored and measured and also changed and adapted to make the marketing more suitable for sales and performance. It is unbelievable that even though 80% of Kiwis are searching for information online, that there are still so many Kiwi businesses without a website.

A massive opportunity for businesses is just waiting – a simple but effective website which clearly articulates what your business does needs to be available for when people do a search online. The Internet simply enables businesses to be found and you can’t hope to succeed without one.