Advertising at ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

The ICC cricket World Cup is supposed to be the most televised event on the Globe. It is coming to New Zealand after a gap of 22 years. It is the place for advertisers around the world. New customized commercials for the event have always been the norm.

Advertising on Team Jersey

ANZ advertisement on New Zealand Team Jersey ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

One cannot escape the glaring presence of different company logos on team jersey. Every possible inch of the stadiums will be covered in advertisements.

How much does the ICC garner from the commercials? It is very hard to tell. A 30 second commercial on TV channels costs $ 50000. That’s astronomical isn’t it? But the companies pay up because of the proposed returns in sales.

There are commercial partners too. They include the official broadcaster and associate sponsors. ESPN STAR Sports is the official broadcaster this time round. Reliance is the communication partner, and Pepsi the food and beverages partner. There are other multinational corporations that are showcased.

It is one of the most successful economic events, for the host nation as well. Increasing sales and influx of tourists help the economy in a big way. For the advertiser it is a haven.

The local advertisers also benefit . They have spaces which fetch them a fortune in these times. With the advent of the giant screen in Cricket, it has become another place to advertise.This is a good package for the companies who have successfully taken up the spaces.

Being a patriot I want the Black Caps to triumph. But whoever wins or loses the biggest winners will be the advertisers at this mega event!!


The Advertising of the Super Bowl

super bowl

In America alone, about 120 million people watch the Super Bowl. So, it’s really no secret why advertisers choose this date to air new commercials. In fact, about 90% of the commercials you will see during the big game are brand new commercials that haven’t been aired on cable television prior to that Sunday night. Let’s have a look at what’s so special and supposedly important about advertising in the Super Bowl.

First up, you have to realize that a 30-second commercial spot runs about 3.5 million! This is an insane amount of money, to be sure, but advertising companies bend over backward to pay the sum. The reason is that the results speak for themselves. Companies who advertising during the Super Bowl not only experience a direct increase in profits, but especially for their brands, and particularly if they have a top-rated commercial.

This is also why the commercials of the Super Bowl seem to be so big-budget and original. Companies are vying to have the most memorable commercials of the game. This will set them up for a decade of good publicity!

Even people who don’t normally like advertising still enjoy the Super Bowl’s new commercials. And this year’s big game is supposed to have more new commercials than ever.

Christmas ads

So, it’s that time of year again, the Christmas Ad – for at least the last month we have been bombarded with everything from luxury champagne to toilet rolls that are guaranteed to make our Christmas the ‘best one ever’. Compared to other countries New Zealand actually does it relatively simple. The UK and America probably have the most extensive advertising campaigns – look at this Mashable Global Ads Chart for the last month worldwide, of the 20 most shared videos 10 are Christmas related. Two of the big UK chain stores feature, John Lewis and Sainsburys – having created a complete story around their Christmas Ad. This year John Lewis continued their cute and cuddly theme with a lovable penguin, while Sainsburys went a little obscure with a World War 1 tribute to sharing.


The John Lewis christmas penguin is a drawcard

The big question is are these ads successful, well with brand loyalty being a huge drawcard, having the ad we remember and talk about is considered the pinnacle – in the UK christmas ads have taken over from the traditional shop window displays as a way to lure customers in and have them talking. There is an interesting article from a leading New Zealand advertising employee, himself an ex-Brit, discussing what he sees as the effects of the Christmas showcase – show an insight into the ad world.

Hidden advertising

Ok, so we all know it exists to an extent, but how many of us really understand the true extent of product placement. There’s a reason companies pay millions of dollars to have their product featured in a movie or show, instead of just having an ad – most of us think we are immune to such things, but social scientists are proving its effectiveness so much there are now numerous papers written on the practice.

Was Daniel Craig's choice of outfit more about his watch

It’s not just on our screens that product placement exists – the James Bond franchise is a perfect example of aspirational product placement, and it now goes well beyond the actual movies. Recently Daniel Craig attended the launch of the new movie in a more casual look that drew many style comments, however, those in the know have pointed out the fact that his choice of outfit allowed his sponsored Omega watch to be on show! In fact, when it comes to watches, the makers certainly get their moneys worth out of their stars – did you see Novak Djokovic putting on his watch straight after he won Wimbledon, before he received his trophy.

It’s not just aspirational brands that now get in on the act with product placement – with the cost of creating and running a commercial campaign becoming so high, product placement actually becomes a cheaper part of the campaign, and ensures we don’t just leave to go and make a cup of tea.