Advantage and Disadvantage of Advertising on the Internet

Online Advetising

Internet is the place where most of the consumers go for opinions. Companies are realizing this and advertising has become huge revenue generator for early birds. Business survival is dependent on the factor of stepping outside your own locality and a presence on the web is a must. More people read on the internet rather than buying a magazine and the media has realized this too and most of them have the online presence. The companies that did not do this have failed in their area of business miserably. also uses online advertising and has benefited from it.

However there are certain advantages and certain disadvantage:

Advantages –   Internet is a sea. You just need to know where to fish to get fish and where to fish to get the pearls.

(1) Internet helps you reach more people across various strata. It is much more than through traditional advertising.(2) Internet advertising is more cost-effective. You get more returns out of advertising on the internet. (3) You can target the people you want to reach very easily.

Disadvantages –  As discussed earlier sea is full of dangers as well. You need to be more careful with this new area.

(1) Internet is public and there is no hiding your marketing techniques. As soon as you put things on the internet they are out for everybody. (2) Lots of advertisements means you can be lost in the crowd. You might not get the same attention like in local media. So you need to mix the local media with the internet.(3) Weak laws governing this channel means your personal information can be used for other’s benefits. Phishing is a danger you have to live with.


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