The Advertising of the Super Bowl

super bowl

In America alone, about 120 million people watch the Super Bowl. So, it’s really no secret why advertisers choose this date to air new commercials. In fact, about 90% of the commercials you will see during the big game are brand new commercials that haven’t been aired on cable television prior to that Sunday night. Let’s have a look at what’s so special and supposedly important about advertising in the Super Bowl.

First up, you have to realize that a 30-second commercial spot runs about 3.5 million! This is an insane amount of money, to be sure, but advertising companies bend over backward to pay the sum. The reason is that the results speak for themselves. Companies who advertising during the Super Bowl not only experience a direct increase in profits, but especially for their brands, and particularly if they have a top-rated commercial.

This is also why the commercials of the Super Bowl seem to be so big-budget and original. Companies are vying to have the most memorable commercials of the game. This will set them up for a decade of good publicity!

Even people who don’t normally like advertising still enjoy the Super Bowl’s new commercials. And this year’s big game is supposed to have more new commercials than ever.


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