Hidden advertising

Ok, so we all know it exists to an extent, but how many of us really understand the true extent of product placement. There’s a reason companies pay millions of dollars to have their product featured in a movie or show, instead of just having an ad – most of us think we are immune to such things, but social scientists are proving its effectiveness so much there are now numerous papers written on the practice.

Was Daniel Craig's choice of outfit more about his watch

It’s not just on our screens that product placement exists – the James Bond franchise is a perfect example of aspirational product placement, and it now goes well beyond the actual movies. Recently Daniel Craig attended the launch of the new movie in a more casual look that drew many style comments, however, those in the know have pointed out the fact that his choice of outfit allowed his sponsored Omega watch to be on show! In fact, when it comes to watches, the makers certainly get their moneys worth out of their stars – did you see Novak Djokovic putting on his watch straight after he won Wimbledon, before he received his trophy.

It’s not just aspirational brands that now get in on the act with product placement – with the cost of creating and running a commercial campaign becoming so high, product placement actually becomes a cheaper part of the campaign, and ensures we don’t just leave to go and make a cup of tea.


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