How safe is it to drink copper water during pregnancy?

It can be said that copper water is safe to drink during pregnancy but we still don’t know for sure. There has been no research done on how copper leaches into the water it

Many people all over the world believe that drinking copper treated water is good for the overall well-being of the human body. It is said that when water is stored in copper utensil copper particles leach into the water making it copper charged which helps in boosting immunity.

Although copper is crucial for the proper functioning of the body, the required quantity of the mineral can easily be obtained through a balanced diet. One should never take supplements for copper or any other mineral or vitamins without consulting your doctor especially when you are pregnant.

If you really want to use copper vessels for storing drinking water, then you should talk your doctor and see if she recommends the same. If you get a green signal, go ahead and purchase a pure copper jug or copper tumbler from a reputed seller which uses only pure copper for molding their utensils. You can get pure copper utensils at amazing prices from here.

There are a few points you should keep in mind when using copper vessels:

  • Use only filtered water to store in the copper vessel.
  • Do not drink too much of this copper water.
  • Clean the copper vessel regularly to prevent any buildup.
  • Keep the vessels covered to prevent dust, dirt or insects from getting into the vessels.
  • When using a plated copper utensil, keep a check on any wear and tear on the inner coating.

To accompany your healthy pregnancy routine you can also incorporate prenatal yoga into your daily routine as well. Prenatal yoga is great for expecting mothers as it helps them maintain a healthy mind and body during this beautiful yet challenging phase of life.


Social medical and Live Video Streaming for Hotels


The hospitality industry is enormous and global marketing is quite complex when you think of how tourists are on the move. Tourists are making use of their mobile devices constantly to book hotels, book entertainment and book restaurants. Hotels and guesthouses have to think of every advertising strategy they can to get their content to target audiences in all corners of the globe to ensure increased bookings.
The world is certainly becoming increasingly interconnected, but still there are challenges to thinking up a marketing plan that is going to tap into all potential markets. This is precisely why it is so important to analyse and plan so you know which strategies will work. One way to increase your hotel’s visibility not just locally but on a global scale is to plan – it is all but critical to your success.

the various hospitality trends

While live video streaming isn’t anything new, it is still as important as ever and is especially important to the millennial age group. Social media is also important for driving a rewards program, and every hotel needs to use the best social media strategies to increase enrollment in the hotel’s loyalty rewards program.

Advertising using You Tube

Advertising on You Tube

You Tube has been in the trend now for 10 years. The viewing has been increasing with every going second. Did you know that every minute over 100 hours of video is being uploaded on You Tube. Advertising on this platform can be very rewarding. In fact it has become a necessity these days. Here is how you can get started for you own business.

  • Creating a Google Ad words account – The first step to get started is to create a Google Ad words account. If you have an account go to the video section.
  • You Tube and Ad word linking – Once you are in the video section use the Link You tune on the menu. It will get you started.
  • Selecting locations – You can choose the location where your advertisement will show up.
  • Choosing keywords – Yes you can include keywords also as it is a feature on Google Ad words.

This is how you can use Google Ad words for You Tube advertising. Google has in fact overtaken You Tube so Ad Words option is the best. Some other options like free upload is also available but after it has become Google domain it is not easy to do this. But you can give it a try.

Advertising using the Blog

Blog for Advertising

When I started blogging I came to know that Blogging and advertising are very much hand in hand. It is one of the most economical ways to promote on the world-wide web commonly known as the internet.

Ranking High on Google Search is the main aim of all advertising and promotion on the web. 

  • How to Rank high on google searches has been the major concern of companies worldwide.
  • If you go and use Ad clicks or Ad Words by Google you can rank high on google searches. However it is expensive.
  • More subtle techniques are off-line SEO techniques like blogs and forums.
    A question arises. How do we use blogs and forums to Market. And what are these anyway?

Blogs –What is it?

  • A blog is a frequently updated online personal journal or diary. It is a place to express yourself to the world. A place to share your thoughts and your passions. Really, it’s anything you want it to be. For our purposes we’ll say that a blog is your own website that you are going to update on an ongoing basis. Blog is a short form for the word weblog and the two words are used interchangeably.
  • “collection of posts…short, informal, sometimes controversial, and sometimes deeply personal…with the freshest information at the top.”–Meg Hourihan
  • “…the first journalistic model that actually harnesses rather than merely exploits the true democratic nature of the web. It’s a new medium finally finding a unique voice.”–Andrew Sullivan

How to use a blog for Marketing?

  • Blogs are free ware on the internet. Hence a mention of a company on the free source will help you rank high on Google searches.
  • So can we mention the company’ name on every blog? No dear if you do this it will violate Google’s rights and they will catch hold of you.
  • Even if you write blogs on similar topics Google will catch you and penalize by demoting your ranking. So need to be careful.
  • The method –Write 10 blogs on varied topics and out of 10 blogs mention your company’s name in one.
  • You can give the management to companies that manage blogs or manage it yourself with help of in-house team.

Digital Advertising’s Advantage is that it is Fully Measurable

Even in our digital world, there are still businesses who are reluctant to advertise their products and services online. The truth is that the world is increasingly online to inform. Making the effort to understand the dynamics of online marketing is imperative for remaining competitive. Most consumers start looking for information by using a search engine like Google. I’ve seen that banner and display ads are the most common forms of advertising online. but social media and networking sites are also good options depending on your type of business and target audience.


The good thing about advertising online is that it is low risk. Activities and responses online can be monitored and measured and also changed and adapted to make the marketing more suitable for sales and performance. It is unbelievable that even though 80% of Kiwis are searching for information online, that there are still so many Kiwi businesses without a website.

A massive opportunity for businesses is just waiting – a simple but effective website which clearly articulates what your business does needs to be available for when people do a search online. The Internet simply enables businesses to be found and you can’t hope to succeed without one.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Advertising on the Internet

Online Advetising

Internet is the place where most of the consumers go for opinions. Companies are realizing this and advertising has become huge revenue generator for early birds. Business survival is dependent on the factor of stepping outside your own locality and a presence on the web is a must. More people read on the internet rather than buying a magazine and the media has realized this too and most of them have the online presence. The companies that did not do this have failed in their area of business miserably. also uses online advertising and has benefited from it.

However there are certain advantages and certain disadvantage:

Advantages –   Internet is a sea. You just need to know where to fish to get fish and where to fish to get the pearls.

(1) Internet helps you reach more people across various strata. It is much more than through traditional advertising.(2) Internet advertising is more cost-effective. You get more returns out of advertising on the internet. (3) You can target the people you want to reach very easily.

Disadvantages –  As discussed earlier sea is full of dangers as well. You need to be more careful with this new area.

(1) Internet is public and there is no hiding your marketing techniques. As soon as you put things on the internet they are out for everybody. (2) Lots of advertisements means you can be lost in the crowd. You might not get the same attention like in local media. So you need to mix the local media with the internet.(3) Weak laws governing this channel means your personal information can be used for other’s benefits. Phishing is a danger you have to live with.

Why Advertising is Important for business?

We watch a commercial every 5 minutes. Whether we are watching TV or working on the internet or in a mall, you just cannot escape advertisements. Everybody knowingly or unknowingly responds to these advertisements. We will try to answer the question why it is so important from every persons aspect.



Advertising importance

Advertising importance

Advertising is essential for business, and here are a few reasons of its importance.

  • Launching – Advertising plays a crucial in launching a new product or a new company. It can increase sale and also awareness which ultimately lead to sales. Big brands like McDonald’s and Coke owe a lot of their sales to advertising.  It helps to gain new customers and markets. It is also true for an event. A well advertised event’s success is almost guaranteed.
  • Revenue source – Advertising is the major source of income for print and electronic media. It helps to pay for the information revolution we cannot do without. Every great article’s publication has the revenue of advertising in the magazine/newspaper.
  • Increases sales/profit – Advertising plays an important role in increasing sales and profit of business. Without advertising help sales will become stagnant after a period. Hence aggressive advertising is a necessity to keep the sales going.
  • Education – Advertising is also used to educate the society about many issue.
  • Awareness – Advertising starts with awareness about the product/service or event. It is essential for the ultimate success.
  • Important element of marketing – Advertising is a cog in the marketing wheel and an important part of marketing mix. Marketing cannot run without the support of advertising.